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“An Introduction to” — ‘Toast the Roast’

Chapter 1 — ‘Toast the Roaster’ “My Tribute to a Master Roaster, The original Java Joe, Joseph J. Palozzi”

Chapter 2 — ‘Toast the Roast’ ‘My Art of Manliness”

Chapter 3 — ‘Toast the Roast’ “Some History about Coffee”

Chapter 4 —  ‘Toast the Roast’ “Coffee Talk with Dahni” (about my coffee class)

Chapter 5 — ‘Toast the Roast’ “Roast Away” (How to roast coffee anywhere, anytime)

Chapter 6 — ‘Toast the Roast’ “What else Can You Do with Coffee”

Chapter 7 — ‘Toast the Roast’ “Expanded Supplies & Equipment” PASSWORD PROTECTED

Chapter 8 — ‘Toast the Roast’ “Extras just for you! :)” PASSWORD PROTECTED

Chapter 9 — ‘Toast the Roast’ “Expanded What else Can you Do with Coffee” PASSWORD PROTECTED

Chapter 10 — ‘Toast the Roast’ “Just for Fun with Coffee” PASSWORD PROTECTED

Chapter 11 — ‘Toast the Roast’ “Coffee Culture & Quotes”— PASSWORD PROTECTED